Mindful Ayurveda

Achieving Health Through Balance

What Can You Expect From A Consultation?

At the beginning of a consultation your pulse will be read. You last meal needs to be fully digested before an appointment, since digestion of food influences the pulse and interferes with an accurate reading. Water, tea or juice may be taken.

Information is taken to assess your current state of health and a review is made of any past condition(s) you may have had. In this respect, you will be asked what over the counter (OTC) and prescribed medications you are currently taking, if any. This should include any herbal or mineral supplements you are taking.

The Ayurvedic practitioner will need a record of dietary, eating, and elimination habits. A few questionnaires will be made available to you on booking an appointment to record this information and also begin a conversation to help determine your body type. Please complete the uestionnaires and return by e-mail at least 2 days ahead of your appointment so the practitioner can review the information. This will allow more time for discussion at your consultation.

By taking your pulse and a full case history, according to Ayurvedic protocols, we gain an understanding of both your body constitution and your current physical, mental and emotional health.

In case of imbalances on any of those levels, we will recommend a tailor-made plan for you that will help you restore balance and enhance your health and well-being. This will include diet and lifestyle changes, and may include cleansing procedures, as well as massage and other hands-on treatments.